Authors' Guide

New Approaches in the Sciences of the Qur'an and Hadith publishes only articles that contain new and innovative findings on the subject of the quarterly. The editorial board always welcomes the help of professors, researchers and scholars. Researchers who are interested in publishing their articles are requested to pay attention to the following points:

- The main language of the magazine is Farsi.
- Submitted articles should not be more than 25 pages.

The typesetting of the article should be in Word 2007 or Word 2010, with a distance between single lines and margins of 2 cm from the top, 2.5 from the bottom, 2.5 from the right, and 2 from the left. In the type of articles, it is necessary to observe the semi-spacing. It is necessary to use the following fonts in writing the article: Title of the article: 14 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)" Bold Names of authors: 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Scientific ranking of the authors: 11 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Abstract text: 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)" Bold Keywords: 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Article text: 14 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Arabic text of the article: 14 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Verses of the Holy Quran: 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Bold The address of the verses of the Holy Quran: 14 "IrLotus" (IrLotus) such as: (Baqarah/50) References in the text: 14 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus) Arrangement of sources at the end of the article: Persian, Arabic, Latin (if given separately.) Sources at the end of the article: Farsi 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)", Arabic 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)", Latin 12 Time Neuroman In compiling the main article, numbers should be used to organize different parts of the article before the main and sub-headings, from the introduction to the conclusion (for example: 1-1, 1-1, 2-2, and 1-2), and after the titles, two do not come Title one number: 14 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)" bold Two-number title: 12 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)" Bold Title with three numbers and more: 11 "IR Lotus" (IrLotus)" Bold The referencing style in the article should be in APA or Chicago style